There’s no place like home, and there’s no place like Central Bark when you’re away!

At Central Bark, we do our best to make sure your dog is as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay. Two separate locations for your convenience!

1333 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba

2820 Sperring Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba


 Complete Surveillance.

Our East St Paul Location

Our unique Grooming, Daycare, Boarding Facility offers a fun, wholesome, country environment for your dog to play and interact with other dogs. Our spacious 5 acre facility, with half acre play parks and cozy indoor areas, allow dogs to feel like they’re on vacation at their very own K9 adventure! Your dog will enjoy a country vacation while you leave with peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will your dog stay?

We house all dogs based on their individual personalities and what we see as being the best fit for your dog. All kennels/suites are the same price. We have two separate buildings, as seen in the photo below. The building on the left hand side is our kennel building which includes indoor and outdoor attached runs, as well as an indoor play area in the back, and three very large attached outdoor play areas. Our other building across the way is our doggie daycare with a large indoor play area and attached outdoor area. Social dogs will enjoy playing with similar-sized dogs in our daycare groups, free to romp and roam our outdoor play yards. Group play is fully supervised and gives your dog plenty of room and time to exercise, and explore. Where your dog stays depends on their age, if they are social, their size and their temperaments. We make the decision upon drop off, and all new dogs will be assessed upon arrival. If we decide your dog is not doing well in a certain play group/building, we reserve the right to move your dog when we see necessary. All dogs, regardless of temperament get the same amount of time outside and attention. Some dogs simply prefer human friends, and our staff members are happy to be their besties for the day. Customized individual play or small-group sessions can mean anything from chasing a ball to resting in the sunshine—whatever your dog enjoys most.

What does a regular boarding day at Central Bark look like? 

Dogs are woken up between 7am and 8am, and put to bed at 9pm. All of the dogs, including our less social pups are rotated with outside play (or indoor if its cold) and attention every other hour all the way until the evening. Our extra social pups will be put in the daycare for majority of the day. This allows the dogs to be very tired by bedtime, and majority of the dogs sleep easily at night. We have camera footage to watch all of the dogs that goes directly to our phones. We live on site as well incase a dog is having a hard time sleeping; we are able to check up on them and comfort them if need be. Breakfast is fed at 8am and dinner is fed around 5pm. If your dog is a young puppy or needs 3 feedings a day there may be an additional charge depending on the length of your stay. Please enquire upon drop off. 

What should you bring? 

We are happy to supply all bowls, beds, blankets, leashes and toys. If you choose to bring your own, please ensure to bring items that are not a choking hazard. Please refrain from bringing any expensive, or valuable items. Please try to label as many of your items as possible. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings. If your dog is wearing any type of chain collar or e-collar please remove it upon arrival. Quick release, nylon, or buckle collars are fine.

We are able to supply food at an extra cost of $1.50/per cup. We recommend bringing your own dogs food to avoid any upset stomach issues. Please note: Any type of medication or supplement of any type is an extra cost of $2/day. We do not offer insulin injections at this time.

When can I drop off?

Anytime between 8:00AM to 1PM, and from 3PM to 6PM from Sunday to Friday. And can be anytime between 8:00AM to 2pm on Saturdays. Early drop off and late pick ups are available for an extra charge.  

What vaccinations do you require?

Immunizations required are distemper, parvo, rabies. Kennel cough (bordetella) is highly recommended.

How soon in advance should I book?

As we tend to fully book on holidays, weekends, and special events through the year, we simply recommend you book your loved ones in for boarding as soon as you know your dates. If you need to cancel, we ask that you inform us.

Prices will change as of November 19, 2022 as per below:

  • POne dog for 1-2 nights = $50/night + GST
  • POne dog for 3-6 nights = $45/night + GST
  • POne dog for 7+ nights = $39/night + GST
  • POne dog for 14+ nights = $37/night + GST
  • PTwo dogs/one kennel 1-2 nights = $70/night + GST
  • PTwo dogs/one kennel 3-6 nights = $65/night + GST
  • PTwo dogs/one kennel 7 nights = $60/night + GST
  • PThree dogs/one kennel 1-2 nights = $95/night + GST
  • PThree dogs/one kennel 3-6 nights = $90/night + GST
  • PThree dogs/one kennel 7+ nights = $80/night + GST

Our Portage Location

All dogs will be closely monitored at all times. They will get an evening walk before they are put to bed, and then woken up at 7am to start their fun day in daycare!

Suite Boarding

The day is the same, where your dog will be joined in in daycare, going for walks, having a great time. At night, they will be put to bed in their own suite, with their own bed, and privacy where they can be undisturbed. For overly anxious dogs, or the more antisocial pups, having a quiet place to themselves can help calm their nerves.

Prices will change as of November 19, 2022 as per below:

  • P1-6 nights = $55/night + GST
  • P7+nights = $50/night + GST
  • P14+nights = $45/night + GST
  • PFor additional dogs = $40/night + GST

*Includes all bedding, bowls, and a full day of daycare and socialization!

***It is highly recommended that boarding guests bring their own food in order to avoid any upset stomach issues and to make each guest feel at home. House food is available upon request.***

Drop off & pick up times can be anytime between our opening hours.

You will need to fill out a Membership Form as well as a Standard Release Form and provide proof of vaccinations.

Homecoming Baths are available at additional cost, or FREE with stays of 3+ nights at our Portage Location !

If you would like to become a Central Bark Member and book an appointment online, please click below and create an account with us!